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National Cybersecurity Awareness Month

Community Engagement

In partnership with the State Department of Defense, Hawaii State Public Library System (HSPLS), and other community IT/cyber organizations, our chapter will be hosting several cyber safety programs for community members during this year’s National Cybersecurity Awareness Month in October. These programs will be provided where our community gathers and there is no cost to participate. Please consider volunteering with one or all of these three worthy community outreach programs presented below:

Community Cyber Safety Presentations

This one-hour presentation provides a basic cyber safety overview at our public libraries and other community centers. This program covers malware protection, passwords, online shopping/banking, scams, social media, safe email/internet habits, and other topics that will enable attendees to be safer and more secure when connected. This program includes both a presentation followed by an informative question and answer session. As a certified professional, you will receive 5 CPEs for each of the first two presentations provided---10 CPEs total! After that, it's 1 CPE per presentation. Read More and Sign Up


CyberGenerations Cyber Safety Workshops for Kupuna

This workshop consists of five one-hour sessions that cover the same topics as the basic one-hour Community Cyber Safety program but includes a deeper discussion of each topic. This workshop is offered either as a one-day offering or spans over multiple days depending on the hosting organization. Most offerings will include either a simple meal (one-day) or light refreshments (multiple days). Read More and Sign Up


Cyber Central Shopping Mall Information Booths

This program will provide information and activities that promote cyber safety for our community members at shopping malls and other community centers statewide. Informational handouts and flyers from federal, state and community cybersecurity organizations will be provided. The Hawaii Cypher Challenge and other hands-on activities will be offered along with the Cyber Safety spinning wheel where each participant is a winner. Read More and Sign Up

Other Ongoing Chapter Programs

(ISC)2 Hawaii Chapter Speakers Bureau – The Chapter stood up a speakers bureau in 2017 and currently has a membership of over 60 volunteers. The bureau provides cyber safety awareness (e.g., Safe and Secure Online) and education programs (e.g., CyberGenerations) to community organizations and has provided over 40 presentations statewide.  Please email info@isc2chapter-hi.org if interested in becoming a Speakers Bureau member.


(ISC)2 Hawaii Chapter Study Group – The Chapter hosts a study group that provides support and guidance to community members aspiring to earn their Certified Information System Security Professional (CISSP) certification.  This group is led by a highly qualified CISSP-certified cybersecurity professional and meets on a monthly basis.  Please email info@isc2chapter-hi.org if interested in joining this study group.

Hawaii CyberPatriot Invitational – The State Department of Defense, in partnership with AFCEA Hawaii, Sacred Hearts Academy, Validity and our chapter hosted the 1st Annual Hawaii CyberPatriot Invitational (CPI) on Saturday, August 24, 2019 at Sacred Hearts Academy. This event brought together Hawaii's middle and high school CyberPatriot community to engage in a challenging Capture-the-Flag (CTF) cybersecurity competition. The morning started off with the Punahou JROTC Color Guard presenting the Colors during the Welcoming Ceremony where Brig Gen Bernard Skoch (USAF, retired), the National Commissioner for CyberPatriot (CP), gave the keynote speech addressing the importance of cybersecurity in our society today. The Capture-the-Flag (CTF) competition that followed included over 20 teams from 15 middle and high schools including Seabury Hall from Maui. The CTF presented numerous cyber problems that ranged from simple to complex so that students at every experience level were challenged throughout the event. In addition to the CTF, breakout sessions for CP coaches, mentors, and enthusiasts were also held to collectively discuss Hawaii’s CP program issues and opportunities for improvement. Validity, who ran the CTF, also held basic and advanced cybersecurity training classes during the day for all attendees. Following the events of the day, a social mixer was held in honor of Gen Skoch who flew in from the CyberPatriot program office in Arlington, VA. During the mixer, coaches, mentors and students networked and discussed the upcoming CyberPatriot Season XII which kicks off in November. As part of the CTF competition, awards were presented to the top performing teams. Here are the winners:

State Champions – Seabury Hall
All Service Division – Punahou School
Open Division – Mid-Pacific Institute
Middle School Division – Waialua High and Intermediate School
Novice Division – A Consortium of Students from MBTA, Kalani HS and Waipahu HS

The 2nd Annual Hawaii CyberPatriot Invitational has been tentatively scheduled for the Fall of 2020. Please email programs@isc2chapter-hi.org.if interested in helping with next year's event.

Susannah Wesley CyberSuccess! – CyberSuccess! provides basic IT/cybersecurity training for elementary school students to prepare them to successfully participate in the CyberPatriot National Youth Cybersecurity Defense Competition in middle and high school. This program consists of four modules and generally has a class size of eight students. Cohort I recently completed module one in December 2018.  Modules II-IV will be completed by this summer.  Please email info@isc2chapter-hi.org if interested in CyberSuccess!.

CyberPatriot CyberCamps - This summer program is designed to teach beginner students the basics of securing networks and hardening computers systems during a four hour a day week class. Middle and high school students are encouraged to attend these classes which prepare them to successfully participate in the CyberPatriot National Youth Cybersecurity Defense Competition. Read more.

GirlsGoCyberStart – this competition consists of a suite of challenges, tools and games designed to introduce young women in high school to the field of cybersecurity. Hawaii’s high school and college students participated in both programs in 2017 and 2018 and performed extremely well compared to their peers from other states. Read more.

Hacker Highschool Class – This class consists of a set of hands-on, e-book lessons designed specifically for teens to learn cyber security and critical Internet skills. These are lessons that challenge teens to be resourceful and creative and cover topics like safe Internet use, web privacy, online research techniques, network security, and even dealing with cyber-bullies. Hacker Highschool was initially taught in Hawaii at Mililani High School during the summer of 2018 with plans to continue to offer this program in summer 2019. Please email info@isc2chapter-hi.org if interested in Hacker Highschool.  Read more.

Mililani Middle School STEM Fair

Boy Scouts Onizuka Day of Exploration

Kapiolani Community College STEM Fair




National Cyber League Scholarship Program – This program provides scholarships to Hawaii's high school students student that engaged in the National Cyber League spring 2018 regular/post-season competition.  These scholarships introduced our students to a national-level competition complementary to the many program already available.  This programs was a partnership with the AFCEA Hawaii Education Foundation.

CyberPatriot CyberCamps - The Chapter directly supported the 2018 Hawaii CyberCamp program that provided initial IT/cyber training to middle and high school students statewide in the basics of Windows, Ubuntu (Linux) and networking.  This summer program is designed specifically to prepare students to successfully participate in the Air Force Association CyberPatriot National Youth Cyber Defense Competition.  Over 250 students participated in this program in 2018.


Hawaii Cybersecurity Awareness Month - The Chapter's Speakers Bureau members supported Hawaii's community and provided over 20 (ISC)2 Safe and Secure Online cyber safety presentations statewide during October which was proclaimed as "Hawaii Cybersecurity Awareness Month" by Governor David Y. Ige.  

CISSP Study Group - The Chapter continues to host a Certified Information Systems Security Certification (CISSP) study group for individuals aspiring to earn their CISSP certification.  Study groups are facilitated by CISSP-certified Chapter professionals and meet on a monthly basis. 

Susannah Wesley Community Center CyberSuccess! – CyberSuccess! provides basic IT/cybersecurity training for elementary school students to prepare them to successfully participate in the CyberPatriot National Youth Cybersecurity Defense Competition in middle and high school. This program consists of four modules and generally has a class size of eight students. Cohort I recently completed module I in December 2018.

Completed Programs (2018)

Completed Programs (2019)