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(ISC)² Hawaii Chapter is an official chapter of (ISC)². We share the vision of inspiring a safe and secure cyber world.  Our mission is to be the focal point of educating and certifying the people of Hawaii in the areas of Cyber Safety and Security. We interact with people of every level, from our keiki to kupuna, and teach them how to keep their virtual identities safe. We also assist those interested in turning that knowledge into a fulfilling career.  Join us.  



*** Special Announcement - Election Results ***

(ISC)² Hawaii Chapter is proud to announce officer election results that were held Thursday, September 16, 2021 during the Annual Membership Meeting. Below are the newly-elected officers that will serve for a two-year term:


President - Reynold Hioki
Secretary - James Howell
Membership Chair - Renato Gabriel

Congratulations to our new officers!

Vice President Ed Mantanona and Treasurer Evan Horton, who were elected last September, will continue to serve in their respective positions for another year to complete their two-year term.

(ISC)2 Hawaii Chapter

October General Meeting

About this Event

(ISC)² Hawaii Chapter is excited to host a Special Chapter Event by Cloud Range.on October 21, 2021 between 5:30 PM - 7:00 PM. HST


See how Cyber Ranges are being used to help tackle the cyber skills gap and improve overall security posture.

Registration required to receive CPE Credit
Please Register HERE 

Event Details

Would you board a plane if you knew the pilot got all A’s in flight school? Probably yes, but what if you learned that the pilot got all A’s, but this was their first time actually flying a plane, and that they never went through any flight simulation training? You’d likely turn around and walk back to the terminal.

Just as surgeons must complete a residency, and pilots must undergo flight simulation, cyber defenders should be held to the same standard. Attendees will learn how simulation is quickly becoming a new standard in cybersecurity, and how to leverage it when hiring, measuring risk and preparedness, as well as improving and maintaining security teams’ skills as the threat landscape becomes more complex. In this session, a live cyber attack will also be demonstrated on a virtual cyber range to show attendees the importance of incorporating simulation training into their cyber defense regimen.

Security leaders are now starting to understand that advanced technologies aren’t enough to ensure an organization is truly prepared to face any threat, but that the last line of defense (the PEOPLE) must be prepared to detect and remediate a threat before it becomes an incident. This can be done using cyber ranges and other advanced simulation technologies, paired with a system that measures the learning and progress of cyber defenders.

Simulation is becoming integral in both increasing preparedness of an organization, as well as in cyber skills assessment: beyond certifications and product training, cyber defenders must prove they have the knowledge, skills, and abilities to perform. Employers need objective evidence that their team can handle any scenario. This can only be done using technical simulation exercises, similar to the one we will demonstrate.

Participants will watch and learn as a live cyber attack occurs over a full-scale enterprise network on a live cyber range, and will be able to see how security teams would detect and respond to the attack, watching real security tools at work. After the attack, participants will have the opportunity to put their knowledge to the test in a post-attack quiz to demonstrate what they learned. Badges will be awarded to all participants.

Monthly Membership Meetings

Before every membership meeting, chapter members will receive an email invitation to register for the meeting.  This registration is important as it facilitates getting CPEs awarded to registered members.  It also helps with planning for venues.  If we are having a virtual meeting, and you have not registered, the moderator will take your information before admitting you into the meeting. 


About Us


Organized in 2015, we are here to serve the (ISC)² community as well as promote cyber security in Hawaii. We have several opportunities for those interested in building up the chapter or promoting computer security in the community.   If you would like to know more or have any questions you can email us at: